Welcome to my‑crossbox
We have configured our system for you so that you can now use my-crossbox to make appointments for your retail store, hair salon or whatever.

Provide your individual link to your customers. Your customers book themselves for the free appointments independently!

And this is how it might look:
Are you looking for free online software or a BOOKING SYSTEM for your FUNCTIONAL-FITNESS-BOX, GYM, YOGA, CLUB or PHYSIO OFFICE?

Are you PERSONAL COACH and would like to manage your course participations conveniently via an App?

Then you've come to the right place!

more time for the essentials
Save unnecessary administrative work. Use your freed up time for your business.

simple handling
Add your weekly offer easily and quickly to your reference week.

Web Presence & Web Plugin
You get your inviduelle link for the appointment bookings of your customers. You do not need any programming skills. In addition, you can easily integrate the weekly schedule on your own homepage via </iframe>.

Customer relationship
Interact with your customers online and bring them back to your store. Inform them about upcoming events. Create surveys.

Support & Development
If you have any questions, we will always assist you directly and personally; you are also welcome to contact us with your individual requirements, we will always try to meet your needs.

What should it cost you?
It costs you only a short message to us, the use of our portal is absolutely free of charge.
Do you want to test us?

Then you can request your test account here!

Your account will be set up within a few minutes and you can start right away and try everything!

Do you have change requests? Then I will be happy to implement your requirements. You can actively participate in the further development and give the software your individual stamp.
These boxes already use my‑crossbox

Trave CrossFit
Posener Str 7
23554 Lübeck

Big Bear Crew
Klagebach 90
58579 Schalksmühle

RedHawk CrossFit
Gutenbergstraße 2b
59174 Kamen

Fahrschule Behle
Hauptstraße 5
58675 Hemer

Veerser Weg 11
27383 Scheeßel

CrossFit Hagen
Rehstraße 15
58089 Hagen

Holzerstrasse 56a
66265 Heusweiler

CrossFit Lüdenscheid
Rosmarter Allee 9
58762 Altena

Summit Women's Fitness
Sonnengasse 12
39057 Eppan

AllSpark Fitness Community
Messenhäuser Strasse 49
63322 Rödermark

CrossBox Hameln
Dieselstraße 1
31789 Hameln

Crosspandables Athletic Unity
44534 Lünen

Gare76 Crossbox Lixa
Largo Da Saudade n.76
4615 Lixa - Felgueiras

Millanderweg 1/A via Millan
39042 Brixen - Bressanone (BZ)

CrossBox Iserlohn
Echelnteichweg 3
58640 Iserlohn

Kuhloweg 37
58638 Iserlohn

CrossFit Lippe
Heidenschestr. 80
32791 Lage

CrossFit Sauerland
Mühlenweg 1a
58849 Herscheid

Summit Functional Fitness
Sinichbachstrasse 84/A
39012 Meran

Möhnestraße 23
63452 Hanau

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